Industrial Engraving, Etching, Profiling And Signage

We are experts in all types of engraved industrial signage including mimics, commercial labels, control panels, fascia panels, tags, legend plates, plaques, scales, dials, stencils , profiles, instrument tags and all types of labels.

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Engraved 1.5mm or 3mm thick traffolyte control panels, instrument panels and mimic panels

Engraved legend and warning plates

Engraved traffolyte fascias


 Stainless Steel Valve Tags

 plates are 100mm x 35mm x 0.9mm / brushed stainless steel / grade 316

precision chemically etched & infilled contrasting black for sharp legibility

1 x 4.5mm diameter hole at 6.5mm edge/centres from right hand edge / 3mm radiused corners

8mm high ARIAL font centred 46.25mm from left hand edge


Stainless Steel Valve Tags





Premier Engraving can offer a multitude of options for clients CE, machine information / data plates

we can custom manufacture plates to any size,

in plastics, aluminium, stainless steel etc to suit your specific reSTAquirements

Make it easy for for your clients to identify you as the manufacturer - thus enabling it easy for them to re-order!

Serial Numbers - include these on your nameplates

Safety Data - have this critical information permanently and indelibly engraved & easy to read

(for example include Voltage, Amperage, Phase & any specific warnings etc)

Company Logo - why not include your company logo on the nameplates - capitalising on your branding 

With our vast experience in producing engraved, etched or printed identification plates for all industries

combined with  a professional artwork department

we will work with your designs / ideas and specifications to enable you to achieve exactly the product for your application


CE Identification plate

CE Identification plate


above is an example precision engraved CE identification plate

customised with company logo, serial numbering and safety information etc


SWL plate engraved aluminium


SWL plate engraved aluminium






engraved aluminium fascia plate


engraved aluminium fascia plate


control panel fascias are precision cnc machined to ensure

dimensions & positions of holes, cutouts & text are accurate & components fit nicely



Aluminium information plate engraved 


aluminium information plate engraved




3mm thick traffolyte with bevelled edges for a nice finish 


 engraved ce plate in traffolyte


engraved ce plate in traffolyte





process diagram etched into stainless steel


process diagram etched into stainless steel









Control Panels

control and instrument panels engraved with holes and apertures cut out in 1.5mm and 3.0mm thick traffolyte, aluminium and stainless steel, gravoply and other laminates -  all plastics and metals

All materials: traffolyte, aluminium & st. st.

Profiling /Engraving

profiling/engraving of all materials shapes/cut-outs etc

Profiling Of All Materials Shapes / Cut Outs Etc.

Data / Rating Plates

stainless steel and aluminium rating/specification plates-can be stamped

Etched St. St. - In-filled Black Can Then Stamp.

CE Plates 

ce plates - engraved traffolyte - text and logos

Precision Engraved Traffolyte Extremely Resilient.

 Large Batches

whether 100, 500 or 5,000 

large batches of engraved labels, signs and plaques manufactured on powerful cnc machines

Quick Turn – Around Of Large Orders.

Subsurface Printed

printed aluminium labels

Anodic Printing Cost Effective -Batches.



 engraved traffolyte rating plate

engraved traffolyte rating plate



Chemically etched and infilled brushed stainless steel

chemically etched satin stainless steel  - for important permanent warning information


etched and infilled

etched data rating plate brushed stainless steel

1.5mm thick grade 316 corrosion resistant


data rating plate brushed stainless steel



 aluminium ce nameplate

 aluminium ce nameplate




* traffolyte valve tags *  * brass valve tags *  * stainless steel valve tags *  * aluminium valve tags *

engraved traffolyte labels, tags, signs and valve tags

* engraved valve tags  * engraved valve labels *

engraved plastic laminate tags, labels, signs and valve tags

free issue components engraved and laser engraved

engraved metal tags * engraved metal labels * engraved metal plates


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