Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques & Signs


Stainless Steel Plaques Signs & Nameplates



Engraved Logos into Stainless Steel










 Stainless Steel plaque commemorating The Triple World F1 Constructors Champions


Stainless Steel plaque commemorating World F1 Constructors Champions





Engraved Logos into Stainless Steel





etched brushed stainless steel commemorative plaqes

etched brushed stainless steel commemorative plaques for  Wembley Stadium





polished stainless steel nameplate


polished stainless steel nameplate





Brushed stainless steel etched logo etched and filled text 

brushed stainless steel etched logo etched and filled text



black plinth stainless steel plaque





award scheme plaque

award plaque etched stainless disc infilled black mounted onto solid oak plinth



brushed stainless steel carillion


etched brushed stainless steel plaque to commemorate an official opening after refurbishment - rebuild project  


Engraved Stainless Steel Plaques

Etched Stainless Steel Plaques


(opened by ceremonial plaque complemented by

high quality unveiling curtain hire)


Why choose a stainless steel plaque

 Engraved /etched  stainless steel plaques are available in 2 finishes

brushed satin finish or mirror polished.

Company logos and exact colour matches are achievable, ultra fine detail can be etched.

Utilising a combination of chemical etching and traditional engraving technologies.

These plaques require virtually no maintenance and provide a very professional image often specified by architects.


 we etch/engrave using only the very finest 316 marine grade

 corrosion resistant stainless steel for our plaques

ideal for use by the harsh coastal environments.


polished stainless steel plaque etched and infilled black 

Curtain hire for unveiling ceremonies

Opened by plaques in brushed stainless steel

Commemorative plaques in brushed stainless steel

Corporate plaque in brushed or mirror stainless steel

(create a really professional image second to none)



 etched stainless steel plaque for Honda UK


stainless steel plaque 


Etched Brushed

opened by

Stainless Steel Plaque


 opened by plaque in brushed stainless steel

opening plaque brushed stainless steel 

Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Etched & Infilled.






chemically etched brushed stainless steel

colour infill

 Engraved Satin Stainless Steel


Chemically Etched & Infilled To Pantone Refs.

etched brushed satin stainless steel


Chemically Etched & Infilled To Pantone Colour Ref.


stainless steel sign engraved and infilled 2 colours 

brushed stainless steel

infill colours


Stainless Steel Sign


etched mirror polished stainless steel plaque



Brushed Stainless Steel Plaque Infilled Black

Chemically etched brushed stainless steel sign

stainless steel plaque

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* corporate plaques in stainless steel *


opened by plaque engraved/etched into the finest 316 grade

satin/brushed or highly polished stainless steel

supplied with an unveiling ceremonial curtain system

for a most professional image/event 


unveiling curtain hire


Architects and professional graphic designers will

 specify the grain on the satin/brushed stainless steel to run horizontally

for the most pleasing aesthetic effect to the eye


* Engraved Stainless Steel *

* Chemically Etched Stainless Steel * 


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