Engraved Traffolyte Tags & Valve Tags

Engraved Tags, Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Engraved Traffolyte Signs

Engraved Labels, Engraved Instrument Tags

Embossed Tags

Specialists in the production of engraved tags, engraved valve

tags, engraved instrument labels, and engraved labels in traffolyte,

 (TRAFFOLITE), gravoply, rowmark, suregrave,

and abet laminates

We are suppliers of traffolyte, gravoply, rowmark, and abet materials and can

supply sheets or cut to size blanks bevelled and drilled or fabricated to your requirements

multi-lingual languages engraved for import / export

(we can arrange shipping/export to many countries efficiently

foreign languages can be carefully engraved)

  • Custom brass valve tags
  • Custom stainless steel valve tags
  • Custom aluminium valve tags
  • Traffolyte instrument tags
  • Stainless steel instrument tags
  • Brass instrument tags
  • Aluminium instrument tags
  • Pipeline identification tags and labels
  • Engraved fm door numbers for hospitals
  • Schools

engraved, stamped or chemically etched traffolyte, brass, stainless steel and aluminium plant and machinery identification tags and labels 

engraved asset number labels and tags

engraved fm tag numbers

Engraved Traffolyte Valve Tags and Labels

Instrument Tags

Engraved FM Tags

(facility management tags)

can be engraved on both sides if required

Choose from the standard range of colours

Available as Discs, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Hexagons or Octagons

any sizes any profiles

engraved traffolyte circular (discs – any diameters) supplied with ball chain if required

Traffolyte Labels

Long lasting and High Quality

Available in 2 Thicknesses

1.5mm / (1/16″)


 3.0mm (1/8″)

Brass Valve Tags

Stainless Steel Valve Tags

Aluminium Valve Tags

Engraved or stamped brass valve tags

infilled black

custom engraved brass valve tags & custom stamped brass valve tags

etched  and infilled 316 stainless steel discs

for upmarket locker numbering identification

ball chain supplied

Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Traffolyte (traffolite) engraving laminate

standard range of colour choices

for engraved signs, labels, tags and valve tags

available with drill holes or self adhesive to the backs

ideal for asset marking

brushed stainless steel valve tags

engraved 316 brushed stainless steel valve tags infilled black

1 x 4mm diameter hole in each

(marine grade 316 stainless steel can be supplied engraved,

chemically etched, stamped, or embossed)

Tags and valve tags and labels available in

brass, aluminium or brushed stainless steel

engraved, chemically etched or stamped.

Left natural (not filled) or traditionally infilled black

Blank valve tags – to stamp/mark yourself

blank brass valve tags

blank stainless steel valve tags

blank aluminium valve tags

Stamped Brass valve tags, id tags- No Infill

Low Cost & Effective For Small or Large Quantities

steel wires and crimping tool can be supplied

Engraved stainless steel tags 316 grade corrosion resistant

Square or rectangular – a less expensive option than discs

Engraved anodised aluminium valve tags

A less expensive option than stainless steel



aluminium valve tags


Beaded Link Chain

ball chain 3.2mm diameter available in 304 stainless steel, solid brass

or nickel chrome

on rolls per metre or precut to lengths with clasps for fastening

  • Engraved plastic laminate signs
  • Engraved plastic laminate valve tags and labels
  • Custom engraved
  • Suppliers of engraved traffolyte labels, tags and warning signs to the electrical engineering industry
  • Engraved metal tags
  • Engraved metal labels
  • Engraved metal plates

we work with grade 304 and 316 grade stainless steel for valve tags

Engraved Tags

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